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Discover products from the Korean leader in skin science. We are bringing you another brand from Neopharm Group. ATOPALM, a sister brand of Real Barrier is also based on a breakthrough by MLE technology proven to speed up the skin healing process and protect the skin barrier. Here is skincare for adults and babies.

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Get obsessed with this lovely brand designed for adults and babies. Yes, you heard us right, ATOPALM offers head to toe baby care!

What is ATOPALM?

ATOPALM was launched in 2000, for those who seek a premium skin solution with clinically proven efficacy and safety for sensitive skin. No surprise it is a No. 1 sensitive skincare brand in Korea 15 years in a row.

Korean cosmetics by ATOPALM are a blend of cutting-edge skin barrier science with biotech advances focused on caring for very dry and sensitive skin types. The purpose is to strengthen the skin barrier with MLE texture which mimics healthy natural skin structure.

But before ATOPALM took its place amongst the most respected K-Beauty skin care brands, it began as one simple product, created with babies and children in mind: Intensive Moisturizing Cream. Today, this cream with its renewed version ATOPALM MLE Cream is still the gold standard when it comes to treating skin conditions in children, from babyhood all the way through an adult life.

What is MLE® technology?

MLE® is a patented technology that contains plant-derived ingredients which mimic the structure of the natural, healthy skin lipids to be absorbed by the skin.

The MLE formula is effectively “tricking” the compromised skin barrier into incorporating the healthy ceramides into its skin structure, thus enabling the skin barrier to perform its natural function of drawing in and holding hydration as well as warding off environmental toxins and irritations.

Characteristics of MLE are:

-       Skin lipid-identical lamellar structure

-       Improves and reinforces the skin barrier

-       Intensive and prolonged skin moisturization

-       No skin irritation and sensitization

-       Ideal for dry and sensitive skin

Who will enjoy ATOPALM skincare products?

Already on the market for over 20 years and ever since, ATOPALM soared to the top of the sales charts in South Korea as the go-to formula to care for the sensitive, tender skin of infants and young children but also adults with problematic skin. 

Korean skincare brand offers cosmetics for all ages from babies with developing skin to adults with dry and sensitive skin.

Did you have a chemical exfoliation treatment at the dermatologist, use retinol or had a laser treatment and have very dry skin and sensitive skin? ATOPALM cosmetics are perfect for you. They will speed up the healing process, soothe the irritated skin and calm redness.

And for those of you who are struggling with severe skin concerns such as rosacea, psoriasis or eczema, the ATOPALM Korean skincare products will help you create a gentle and effective routine.

Have a newborn or small kids at home?  Search no further. Their skin will be protected and hydrated all day long with ATOPALM. Here is what you need to know.

Can ATOPALM be used as baby care?

In a word, Yes! ATOPALM, a K-Beauty leading brand is dedicated to developing innovative, affordable clinic-level skincare with a focus on dry, sensitive and combination skin types. For years now, it has been South Korea’s leading brand for baby skin care. 

ATOPALM is a result of one father’s love for his kids and passion for research. The story of the brand starts with Dr Raymond Park who created a hypoallergenic formulation to heal his children severe dermatitis. The eldest and youngest sons of Dr. Raymond Park showed signs of atopic dermatitis. 

He formulated and patented MLE (Multi-Lamellar Emulsion), which mimics a healthy skin barrier and incorporated it into all the ATOPALM products.

Simplicity is a key in baby skincare. We highly recommend ATOPALM Top To Toe Wash, a pH-balanced head to toe body wash. Amazing body wash can also be used as a shampoo. It is a perfect Korean skincare product for the whole family, including the youngest family members. Finish baby’s skin routine with ATOPALM MLE Cream, a top choice of Korean mothers in baby skincare. Two products are all you need!

Can ATOPALM help me tackle itchy skin?

Are you experiencing rough, itchy, dry patches? Or maybe red skin appears to be an issue? 

ATOPALM Facial Foam Wash will take care of any skin with a sensitive and weak skin barrier. ATOPALM MLE Cream will be also be a great solution for you. The light texture glides effortlessly and absorbs quickly, providing 48H-hydration. It offers relief to itchy skin and brings a long-lasting soothing feeling to damaged skin caused by external aggressors, UV irritation.

Anyone experiencing dry and sensitive skin can take a look at our range of skincare products for sensitive skin.

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    ATOPALM MLE Cream 65ml

    ATOPALM MLE Cream is rich moisturizing cream that is suitable for face and body care.  ATOPALM is the no. 1 sensitive skincare brand in Korea 15 years in a row. Their cosmetics are a blend of cutting-edge Korean skin barrier science with...