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It is always a great pleasure to have a brand that creates products that feel like they work wonders on the skin. With iUNIK skincare products, you have an exciting minimalistic skincare brand creating a range of skin essentials with only natural ingredients and simplified skincare steps.

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Incorporating elements of the traditional Korean skincare routine revolves around the importance of simplicity. That means finding solutions that make your approach to improving the appearance of skin simpler. iUNIK is one of those brands that develop products with a natural focus, leaning towards an almost minimalist skincare approach.

Whether you’re dealing with dryness and dullness, or redness that won’t calm down, the simpler solutions iUNIK provides may benefit you. If iUNIK is a brand you’ve heard good things about but don’t know much about, here are some of the most asked questions about iUNIK by Skinsider Family members.


What is iUNIK?

iUNIK is a skincare brand best known for using all-natural ingredients in their products. Many of their serums and toners have active ingredients which are best for daily/frequent use.

What does iUNIK mean?

iUNIK is an acronym that stands for Ideal, Unique, Natural, Ingredients, Knowhow.

What makes iUNIK Special?

iUNIK is one of the main K-Beauty brands on the market. Most people like their products because iUNIK goes out of its way to use ingredients at a higher percentage than others. 

For example, their Tea Tree Relief Serum contains 67% tea tree extract, while their Black Snail Restore Serum has 70% black snail extract. They don’t skimp on essential ingredients, resulting in a better likelihood of quicker skin improvements.

Their products are typically all-rounders in terms of skin type too. Someone with oily skin could see similar results to someone with dry skin; again, this is mainly down to natural ingredients.

What iUNIK Products are the most popular?

iUNIK products that quickly find their way in Skinsider members baskets include:

  • iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum (50ml)
  • iUNIK Black Snail Restore Serum (50 ml)
  • iUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil
  • iUNIK Vitamin Propolis Synergy Serum (50ml)
  • iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream 

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What iUNIK Products should I include in my daily routine?

A popular product that frequently sells out is the iUNIK Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam. It is a fantastic vegan-friendly foaming wash which can be used daily, especially for anyone who is trying to achieve balanced skin.

Is iUNIK vegan-friendly?

The snail products contain a by-product from a snail. Otherwise, the majority of iUNIK products are vegan-friendly. You can use the filter option on the left to see which products are vegan. For anyone looking to add more vegan K-Beauty skincare products to their routine, please look at our whole vegan skincare range.

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  • iUNIK

    iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream

    iUNIK Centella Calming Gel Cream is a light moisturizing oil-free gel-cream formulated with 70% of Centella Asiatica leaf water and 10% of tea tree leaf water. It perfectly helps calm stressed sensitive, irritated skin. It works to cool down the skin...


  • iUNIK

    iUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil

    iUNIK Calendula Complete Cleansing Oil is a perfect solution for dull and dehydrated skin which requires soothing. This cleanser is using only 6 natural plant ingredients for healthy skin! This cleanser will allow your skin achieve oil-water balance and...


  • iUNIK

    iUNIK Black Snail Restore Serum (50 ml)

    iUNIK Black Snail Restore Serum is a highly concentrated product with mucin of black snails to help your skin to restore and repair to make it more supple and smooth. 5 black super food are full of anti-oxidants to activate your body functions while...


  • iUNIK

    iUNIK Vitamin Propolis Synergy Serum (50ml)

    The iUNIK Propolis Vitamin Synergy Serum is formulated with 70% Propolis extract to nourish and calm skin, and 12% Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit extract to brighten skin. The serum also provides strong anti-inflammatory effects to irritated skin types...


  • iUNIK

    iUNIK Tea Tree Relief Serum (50ml)

    This Tea Tree Relief serum contains 67% tea tree extract water and 19% centella extract which have strong soothing properties and will be perfect for troubled skin. Serum containing 67% tea tree extract and 19.5% centella extract helps soothe sensitive...