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Unlock your best skin with SKIN1004: the Korean skincare brand that delivers 100% pure, natural, and effective ingredients for a radiant and flawless complexion.

What is SKIN1004?

SKIN1004 is more than just a Korean skincare brand - it's a luxurious journey to the heart of nature. Their award-winning products are crafted with the finest, natural ingredients from the untouched wilderness of Madagascar, with their main ingredient, Centella Asiatica, being one of the world's purest and most sought-after.

What makes SKIN1004 special?

What sets SKIN1004 apart is their unwavering commitment to purity and quality - all of their products are infused with high-quality Centella extract, which is known for its soothing, healing, and rejuvenating properties. Their products are mild, non-comedogenic, and extra-light, providing a breathable and soft finish that feels like a second skin. Experience the beauty of nature with SKIN1004 and unlock your skin's true potential with their gentle and effective products.

Is SKIN1004 vegan skincare brand?

At SKIN1004, their core value is to distribute well-crafted natural skincare products at affordable prices. They are proud to be a natural beauty brand and have acquired certifications such as CGMP, Beauty without Bunnies, cruelty-free, and vegan through PETA to prove it. SKIN1004 always practices ethical and clean beauty business practices, reflecting their deep respect for their customers, animals, and the planet. If you're looking for a skincare brand that is effective, affordable, ethical, and clean, SKIN1004 is the one for you.

Which SKIN1004 product is the most popular?

It's no wonder why the Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Water Gel Sheet Ampoule Mask is a bestseller. This mask is a must-have for anyone seeking intense hydration and skin-soothing benefits. Infused with 51% Centella Asiatica, a potent herb that has been used for centuries in traditional Asian medicine for its wound-healing and anti-inflammatory properties, this gel sheet mask is the ultimate solution for dry and irritated skin. The lightweight and refreshing gel formula quickly absorbs into the skin, delivering deep hydration and nourishment without leaving a heavy or sticky residue.

I have sensitive skin. Which SKIN1004 products should I use?

There are many SKIN1004 products which address irritation and skin sensitivity.

Sensitive skin requires gentle care, and that's where the SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil comes in. This all-in-one cleanser is perfect for sensitive skin as it gently and effectively removes all traces of makeup, including base makeup and color makeup like lipstick and mascara, without stripping the skin of its natural oils. The SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil simplifies this process, making it quick and easy to wash your face with just one product.

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  • SKIN1004

    Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Watergel Sheet Ampoule Mask

    The Skin1004 Madagascar Centella Water Gel Sheet Ampoule Mask is an intense hydration solution for the skin. This gel sheet mask contains 51% Centella Asiatica, a powerful herb used in traditional Asian medicine to promote wound healing and soothe...


  • SKIN1004

    SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Soothing Cream

    SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Soothing Cream is a hydrating moisturizer that contains concentrated centella asiatica extracts and 4 different types of ceramides from botantical ingredients. Strengthen the skin barrier and protect the skin against harsh...


  • SKIN1004

    SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil

    The SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Light Cleansing Oil is an all in one cleanser that is able to remove base makeup and color makeup like lipstick and mascara. No need for multiple cleansing. Finish off washing your face quickly and simple with this...


  • SKIN1004

    SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam

    SKIN1004 Madagascar Centella Ampoule Foam is a gentle cleansing foam to cleanse skin for brightness without dryness. Containing Madagascar centella and baking soda to provide a soothing yet natural cleanse, this ampoule foam cleanser delivers both...